The late Joseph Pilates invented the Pilates method of physical fitness and exercise. He was a gymnast, diver and body builder and went on to later become a self-defense trainer at Scotland Yard in England.

In 1925, after moving to the United States, Joseph Pilates and his wife Clara founded a the Original Studio in New York City, that began teaching local dancers the art of “contrology” and “Pilates”, or using the mind to control muscles. Joseph Pilates went on to develop a huge following for his work in helping heal injuries and improving posture, strength and flexibility. The techniques of Joseph Pilates have been adapted by athletes and dancers around the world that seek to elongate their spine, acquire better balance and the general state of their physical health.

ProPilates® Method by Tonka

As a Second Generation Pilates Instructor under Romana Kryzanowska, Tonka is a Pilates expert, familiar with the methods and techniques used by Joseph Pilates and his disciples for generations. As many students of Pilates before her, Tonka opened up a studio to help spread the teachings of Joseph Pilates. Tonka has continued to further her education by studying in-depth the human anatomy and how Pilates can improve the body.