First and most important before starting any new activity while pregnant, contact your physician and confirm it is OK to do so. Pilates during pregnancy is a great activity, but it can only be utilized if started prior to pregnancy, due to the involvement of the core musculature, which can create risks for the baby if practiced without supervision and with poor technique.

Pilates for Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the center of mass of the woman’s body is moved forward, which creates additional challenge for the back muscles, which ultimately leads tightness in the low back area. Pilates utilizes a lot of different exercises to provide relieve in the stressed area safely and effectively. Keep in mind that after the first trimester you must be careful lying on your back for long periods of time or on your stomach, to prevent restricting flow of blood and nutrients to the baby. All exercises and stretches have to be performed either on your side, standing or sitting and Pilates provides the optimal support needed to correctly achieve these stretches.

The Pilates Method of Body conditioning is designed to strengthen the entire body as a unit, which is very beneficial during child birth and providing a strong foundation for quick recovery. Pilates also provides a safe and controlled regimen for strengthening arms and legs in standing and sitting position.