Golf is a very complex activity involving a complicated neuro-muscular orchestration and participation. Golf requires a high level of skill, involving the entire body moving as a unit. This is why Pilates is the perfect strengthening activity for this sport.

Remember, you cannot use a sport as a strengthening regimen since sports have no regard for the human body. This means your body has to mold to the requirements of the sport instead of the other way around. This is why sports in general, causes many injuries. For example: The golf swing requires a certain amount of trunk rotation as well as internal and external hip rotation. You don’t change the sport requirement based on the amount of flexibility your body has instead you do whatever it takes to achieve the golf swing even if that means causing an injury.

Perfect Your Swing

And this is where Pilates is very effective in conditioning the musculature responsible for trunk rotation. The muscles responsible for hip rotation as well as increasing the strength in your upper body. In other words Pilates is the exercise regimen, which will prepare you for your golf sessions! Because flexibility is secondary to weakness if the body is properly conditioned there will be no limitations in range of motion and that is the difference between being good in golf and being injured in golf! On a professional level that is the difference between winning a tournament and being second! You decide!