Pilates is a very safe and effective exercise regimen due to the use of spring based resistance. Since Pilates targets the core and the back muscles as well as aiding flexibility, it is very effective as a strengthening program for back injuries. Low impact and very precise execution adds to the benefits for all types of injuries, allowing for better alignment and proper form, which ultimately leads to better and faster results.

Recover from Injury

The Pilates Reformer is great for strengthening of the feet and ankles since most of the exercises involve pressing out with the feet in different positions, which challenges muscles we usually don’t use. Great for knee and hip injuries, all Pilates equipment can be adjusted to accommodate different ranges of motion, creating opportunity for proper and safer progression. Shoulder injuries can be very devastating, requiring long-term treatment, Pilates can be effective in scapular stabilization and shoulder girdle strengthening, using the Pilates Magic Circle, Pedi Pull and the Baby Chair.

Pilates is great for neck injuries because of the constant lengthening of the neck and spine as well as posture strengthening exercises in the Pilates regimen, which contributes to better overall muscle tone and spinal stability.