Why ProPilates® Lifestyle Solutions?

ProPiltates Lifestyle Solutions surpasses other pilates studios and gym workout programs for several reasons. ProPilates® programs are based on real science not on “gym science” and are designed to give you fast results without unnecessary wear and tear on your body. ProPilates® can challenge even the strongest bodies safely. “No pain, no gain” is NOT the norm anymore to feel and look good. “No pain, MORE gain” is the new trend! Tonka Cascais developed all of ProPilates® programs offered at ProPilates® Lifestyle Solutions Studio. These programs are very unique and are only available at ProPilates® Lifestyle Solutions Studio. Unlike some other work out programs, ProPilates® programs are conducted in a safe environment and are designed to change the body without HARM. We work with you to help you understand your body. These training concepts result in no injuries.


Should I start with private sessions if I haven’t done Pilates before?

We recommend clients that are new to Pilates to start with our New Client Special: 4 Private sessions for $280. Pilates is all about technique and the best way to learn the proper technique is by starting with individual sessions.


How many times a week should I workout at ProPilates® to see results?

 For best results, we recommend 4 times a week along with the proper wholesome nutrition.


How many students in each class?

Our class averages are as follows:

ProPilates® Mat/Tower Class – Up to11 people

ProPilates® Reformer –Up to 8 people

Spinlates- Up to 22 people

Cardio Ballet- Up to 25 people


What should I bring/wear to class?

We recommend wearing fitted workout clothing so instructors can see your form and alignment. We do not recommend wearing loose clothing and dangling jewelry as they can easily get caught up in the equipment. Socks are required for ProPilates® classes and Private sessions. Sneakers are required for Spinlates and ProCycle.

We provide all of our clients with a complementary bottle of water.


Do you have towels and socks?



Do you have showers?

Yes, our showers are new and sanitized on a regular basis.