ProNutrition Consultation

Our ProNutrition consultations are a 90-minute meeting to determine your goals, challenges and expectations. We will gather information on your medical history, current dietary and lifestyle habits, and perform a weight and body composition analysis. This analysis is for body fat, lean body mass, basal metabolic rate, and girth measurements.

We ask you to take photos so you can compare your “before” and “after” body. A food diary evaluation will be set up to determine your nutrition habits and water consumption. Once we have done a thorough evaluation, your ProNutrition consultant will create a custom nutrition and exercise program for you. A 30-minute follow up consultation will be scheduled to check on your progress and address any challenges or concerns.

ProNutrition Follow up Consultation

Your ProNutrition follow up consultation is designed to reassess your health goals, evaluate your food diary and make any modification to the menus that may be necessary. During this consultation your nutrition consultant will take another weight and body composition analysis.

ProNutrition Grocery Tour

The ProNutrition Grocery Tour is a one-hour assisted shopping tour at your favorite grocery store. Your consultant will customize this shopping experience based around your health goals and preferences. You will learn tips on reading food labels and making healthier choices.

To maximize and extend your ProNutrition results, we suggest the additional ProPilates® Lifestyle Solutions:

  • ProNutrition Supplements
  • Endermologie Anti Cellulite Treatment,
  • Infrared Sauna,
  • ProPilates® Method Group Classes,

ProNutrition Product Line


Pro Meal is a great tasting, nutrient-rich powdered meal supplement. Our Pro Meal is designed to help promote an optimal intake of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that the body needs for overall wellness. Pro Meal is a special formula designed for patients needing support with weight control, GI health, detoxification, immune issues, heavy metals, and muscle gain.


Pro Cleanse contains natural pea protein isolates and high levels of antioxidants designed to fuel a safe and natural detoxification. It includes the nutrients needed to support and balance phases I and II of the metabolic pathways. Pro Cleanse also includes a comprehensive array of herbal hepatics and cholagogues that promote healthy liver function and elimination.