The ProPilates® Method: Pilates Evolved

The ProPilates® Method is a complete program for weight loss and anti-aging fitness, utilizing innovative techniques in body conditioning and joint health. With the ProPilates® Method we believe that aging and vitality can co-exist, the proper exercise program can make you look and feel younger.


Our techniques are tailored to each individual’s body to achieve maximum results for strength and flexibility using your body’s own weight and resistance in joint friendly movements.  The ProPilates® team of instructors are trained to the highest industry standards to move you through fitness levels comfortably while giving you the attention and emotional support necessary to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

This proven method is designed to detect underlying joint limitations and correct them by strengthening, and increasing flexibility, while reducing stress on the body.  The ProPilates® Method is a gradual and safe workout when combined with the ProPilates® Lifestyle Solutions you will achieve life-changing results.

The ProPilates® Method serves as the foundation to our approach to fitness utilizing programs with private coaching and group classes in Pilates, CoreCycle, and Cardio Ballet, Nutrition, Beauty and Style.

Make ProPilates® part of your lifestyle today! You can have a body with flexibility and strength at any age and any stage of your life!

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