Anti-Gravity aerial fitness was created by world-class gymnastics specialist and Broadway dancer Christopher Harrison in 1991. Harrison formed the AntiGravity team in New York City as an expression of his love for creating movement. Harrison went on to invent the Harrison Hammock, the silk hammock apparatus used in suspension training and anti-gravity.

Team AntiGravity have become pioneers of acrobatics and the aerial arts. Harrison has since made numerous discoveries about the body and the mind, which he compiled into a methodology now practiced around the world. His health and wellness creations are known as Anti-Gravity Fitness techniques.


Benefits of Aerial Fitness

  • Fun and exciting workout that breaks from the usual routine
  • Low-impact cardiovascular workout
  • Decompress the spine
  • Improve flexibility, agility and core strength
  • Core lengthening
  • Increased kinesthetic awareness
  • Relieves tight joints
  • Stretch further with less strain


Led by Tonka, the Anti-Gravity Fitness class at the Pro Pilates Studio in Fort Lauderdale is an introductory level class for those seeking to obtain the immense fitness and therapeutic benefits of aerial fitness. In this class, you will learn how to master the Harrison Hammock and hot to utilize your body to understand hand grips, achieve energizing poses and confidently accomplish optimum inversion.


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